What to include on your website for the construction professional

A website needs to grab the attention of our potential client.  But what should we include on our website is a question we often ask ourselves. 

In the following article I outline ideas to make your website stand out and turn that lead into a conversion. 

1) Have an ideal customer

We can’t be everything to everybody – We need an ideal customer.  An ideal customer is type of person from our target market that we deliver the most value to.

Our ideal customer could be described as such:

“Debra and Jerry. Have two young kids live in upscale neighbourhood both have a six figure income, have contemporary tastes, busy lives and enjoy their downtime  with their children.”

By having an ideal customer we can focus on who we are delivering value to, how to attract them.  And consequently, create more focused marketing and website material that attracts our ideal customer.

2) Attract our ideal customer with a UVP

Nobody has the time and patience to scroll through endless content to find the value we deliver.  Consequently, we need communicate value we offer within seconds upon our visitors clicking on or site.  We call this having a Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

A UVP basically indicates who we work with, where we work, and the major benefits of choosing us.  Often our UVP will be located on our home page above the fold, often over top or close to a hero image. 

What should we include in our UVP?

basically are best selling points.   If we have a five star rating on Houzz include that, if we have been in business for over 30 years than include that, if we have the exclusive right to product in demand etc…  Anything that positions favourably to competitors and distinguishes us from the crowd.

Also, include a call to action.  A CTA is something that attracts your ideal customer to take that next step.  Examples include sign up to your newsletter, fill out your contact form, and view your latest discount offer. Make your call to action enticing – a must click

Your local contractor

Providing home renovations for the Greater Vancouver area for over 30 years
3) Major services should have a unique page

We need to be clear with the services we offer and their respective benefits. And it is ideal to have major services on unique web page. Why? because it allows us to display helpful content, show the specific benefits of our services and it can be good for seo purposes allowing us to rank for service related search terms. 

What to include on your service page:

  • Benefits – benefits of your services
  • Problems – if services are not performed
  • Meta tags – to help get you found on Google for those search terms
  • Portfolio – show your work relating to that service
  • Blog posts – that are relevant to that service
  • Testimonials – from project home owner
4) Include Project Descriptions in your portfolio

Having a good portfolio allows to really stand out and should include: a project description, before and after pics, videos, and home owner testimonial etc.

But don’t be lazy with the project descriptions.   Having a good project description can really be beneficial.  It allows the potential client understand the problems you solve, how you solved them, and the corresponding that were delivered to the previous clients.  This allows the potential customer to trust that you can deliver results and accomplish their goals.

5) Have a gallery and include:

A simple example

-Hot Spots

New Shower

Complete redo of shower

New Flooring

Complete redo of flooring

-Project Videos -

Customers are always asking you questions. Why not turn your answers into a blog? Because they are not just asking you but typing their answers into Google as well.

Benefits of a blog are numerous:

  • Rank for more keywords on Google
  • Refer articles to your clients
  • Post articles on social media
  • Become a valued and trusted source for ideal customers
  • Content for newsletters
  • Good for SEO


I know who has the time to blog.  But done right can increase leads, build trust, and save time answering the same questions to every home that calls you.

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6) Display Previous Clients

It would be an understatement to say reviews and testimonials are not important for construction professionals.  There are numerous third party sites like Houzz and Yelp that potential clients will check out before hiring you. Reviews also indicate to Google that you are trustworthy and increase your rankings on Google searches and Google Maps.

It also a good to place reviews on your website home page, services pages, and or maybe having a testimonial page.

8) Develop an App

Having a web app whether that is an estimation app, a scheduling app, or detailed form can be a good idea.

Apps can help homeowners take action such as a scheduling app or it can provide useful information such as an estimation app.  Apps are a good provide value to the homeowner, generate more conversions on ads, and get more backlinks to your site. All in all good way to generate leads.

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