How to Market your Construction Business

Marketing can be difficult. It is hard to find time and and do where you start. But properly marketing your construction business will keep projects lined up even in the off season. In the following I give you some tips on how to market your construction business.

1) Get good at SEO (search engine optimization)

You cannot understate the importance of SEO as 87% of consumers use Google to evaluate local businesses. However, as beneficial SEO can be it can be when first saying out it can be difficult to rank for competitive keywords. Google uses a wide variety of ranking factors in it's algorithm like backlinks, social media followers, reviews and content, of which a new business is not likely to have much of. And no Spammy links are going to help your ranking, they actually might hinder it.

But with time and effort and doing the following you can gradually climb the Google ladder:

  • Activity on social media
  • Blogging
  • Link building and guest posting
  • Reviews
  • On page SEO such as proper meta descriptions, title tags, heading tags and content
  • Fast website

2) Get on Social Media

It would be an understatement to say social media is not important for today's small business. 83% of Instagram users say they discover new brands while using the platform.

But I get it who has time spend on social media. But really we should be taking project pictures, and videos anyhow. It would not be overly time consuming to integrate those pictures onto social media. Besides, sharing project info, and sharing articles on social media platforms allows us to show off our expertise.

3) Try PPC (pay per click)

When starting out it is unlikely your are going to attract enough clients through, word of mouth, SEO and social media. Consequently, you might need to advertise and PPC is one of the better advertisement options out there.

What is Pay Per Click

When you search for most anything on Google you are bound to see ad listing for that specific search term. We call these pay per click (PPC) ads. A PPC ad shows up like a regular listing but with word sponsored underneath. The higher bid gets the greater the visibility of your ad, and if someone clicks on your ad you pay the bid amount, hence the term pay per click.

PPC is a good option for advertising but it can also be expensive, especially if you bid on competitive search terms. But if we can find less expensive longer search terms PPC can be quite a handy advertising option.

Consequently, it is a good idea before creating your ad to use the Google Adwords Keyword planner too to find longtail keywords. Longtail being keywords that your ideal customer is searching for but does not have a lot of bids. Ideas for longtail keywords in the construction industry could include education about permits, market trends, renovation insurance etc.

After we have identified good longtail keywords we can create an ad that is educational but loaded with benefits and trust signals. The more helpful we are to our target market the greater the chance them picking up the phone and giving us a call.

4) Join Directory and Review sites

There are many directory and review sites to join. Like Houzz for construction professionals. Join these site sites, get testimonials, post project pictures and generate traffic to your site

5) Have an email newsletter

You never know where potential clients are in their customer journey. Whether they are just starting out or they are ready for estimates an email newsletter is a good idea to attract our ideal customers at all stages of the customer journey.

Also, newsletters allow us to get contact information legally and a good way to judge their interest in our services. When using email delivery systems as MailChimp we know what emails are being opened. Thus, we can send specific content and promotions based on what content they are opening.

How do Potential Clients to Sign up for our Newsletter

A big way that I'm sure everybody has seen to get potential clients to sign for our newsletter is with a pop up. Often good pop up combined with offering a quality piece of content will get them to sign up.

6) Send out pamphlets

Pamphlets are a still in attracting business. Particularly local businesses where a promotion on a pamphlets can get the phone ringing.

7) Create an app

An app could be mobile app or it could be a form on your website. Good ideas for apps could be an estimate or a design something that a potential client can fill out and get a response/calculation. In general apps are good because:

  • They get contact information allowing us to send them further content
  • We can advertise We can promote the tool using PPC and really generate quality leads.
  • Good for SEO often a tool we get a lot of potential clients to your site and generate backlinks which looks good in the eyes of Google.