What to include on your website for the construction professional

What to include on your website for the construction professional Whether a lead comes from social media, Google, or a referral from a past client. That potential client will always visit your website.   Whether they take the next step and call you is ultimately up to you do they see the benefits you offer and […]

29 tips to create a successful contractor lead generation strategy

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As a contractor, you have employees to supervise and clients to make happy, the last thing you want to spend time on is marketing. But to generate a consistent amount of quality leads that you need to grow your business – marketing is a must.   But with the right plan marketing does not have to […]

11 SEO tips for the construction industry

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Getting ranked high in Google can often times make or break your business. Being on page 4 instead of page 1 can mean your missing on meaning your missing out on hundreds if not thousands of website visitors that never go past page 1. Here are 9 SEO (search engine optimization) for the local contractor […]

7 questions a contractor should ask before building their website

A website is essentially for any business, particularly contractor because you need to get found, generate leads, and post recent projects. But before diving into content it is good idea to answer some questions and have a plan. 1) What are my business goals How many projects do I want a year? How many phone […]